Better looks, lost soul



Jute shoulder bag,
Kolhapuri chappals,
Confidently walks in a fresher.

Blinded by the city lights,
Bullied by the city girls
Mission changes from,
learning something to becoming a diva.
(Or at least looking like one)



Bright lipstick,short dress,
Concealing her self,
In a thick powder layer.

Heels longer than fingers,
In an attempt,
To raise her esteem even.

Eyes lined with kohl,
Mascara pops it out,
But deep within, a pool,
Of hidden tears.

A desperate attempt
To belong, but,
Will she? After losing herself?

Ps- I have nothing against fashion, in fact I am a shopaholic and love everything about fashion.
Also I think jute bags and kolhapuris too make a great style statement:)

By- Sweety Pateliya


14 thoughts on “Better looks, lost soul

    1. “Before one, Sweety” or “the before Sweety?” Coz if you are in an impression that its about me then no. Watched on TV about a girl who changes everything about her just to be a part of a group of girls in college but in the end she forgets her values and culture and feels lost.
      That inspired me to write this poem.
      About me I have both a before and an after version to my personality. Love both the looks.
      Glad that you liked it:)


  1. As long as you are not firgetting your values , your self worth and are dressing according to what you feel is fine…there is nothing wrong. It gets wrong when you do it to please others and trying to be what you are not.
    Loved the post.


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