Love in my worst times

Clad in a saree, I
look in to the mirror and think,
“Wow! He will definitely
like me, will I?”

Waiting for me in other room,
the ‘ladka’ smiled and stood up
as I entered, and I say to me,
He has manners, my would be groom.

Mostly arranged marriages
start in such fashion,
mine was nothing different but
what followed surely was.

I was all starry, through the core,
as one usually is in love,
the long drives, the dinner outs
helped to add some stars more.

Three months flew away
in such lovey dovey love,
then one day I woke up
but just couldn’t get up??

Confused I tried to shift my place,
turning and twisting I tried in vain,
the horror struck me after a while,
when I realised I was paralysed.

Next thing I know is my darling
carrying me to the hospital,
GBS, a disease unknown to me
had found my body appealing.

For the next three months,
my hubby carried me literally,
from the loo to the dining table,
my limbs was he, figuratively.

When I felt low, he held my hand,
his smile was my strength,
one day when I broke down and
thought this wasn’t as planned.

He took me out for dinner
and asked “Was this sweetie
In your plans?
A romantic candle light dinner?”

That was the day I bet,
I fell for him all over again,
for he had seen me in times
best and worst, yet

There he was making me feel,
loved when love had left me,
Platinum day of love can
not be any other day for me.


This post is for platinum day of love contest in association with indiblogger.


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