Reasons to pray

When I was a little kid,
I loved to ride my bike so speed,
Once when I fell and bruised my knee
I prayed to ease my agony.

I used to fight with my brother a lot,
Pulled his hair, at times his ear,
But when he went through a surgery,
I prayed, he come out all healthy.

I used to miss my family,
When I went out for higher study,
specially in occasions like Diwali,
I prayed, I get to go early.

I missed the lamps and lightning,
And the colourful rangoli,
The holy smell of agarbathi,
I prayed, for everyone’s safety.

At times I pray when I need help,
At times it is for someone else,
Whatever be the reason be,
I pray, that is a part of me.


This would be my second Diwali with my husband and in-laws. I still miss my childhood home, my family and friends, the Diwali cleanliness spree( that used to start way before).

But one thing that does make me feel closer to home, is the Lakshmi Pooja.
Since I and my husband belong to the same Gujarati community, there are a lot of things in common.

The pooja rituals are same.

My mother in law sits in front of the idols of Ganesha and Lakshmi with her head covered with the saree pallu,
whispers something, (which I guess is a prayer for everyone in the family), then lights the diya and the agarbathies.

Just the smell of these incense sticks bring back lots of memories from my childhood.
It makes me feel blessed and secured.

When I heard cycle pure agarbathies have comeup with a Lakshmi Pooja pack that includes a step by step guide and other essentials for the Pooja, I just had to try it.

Who knows I get to hear the same slokas, my mom used to chant?

By- Sweety Pateliya

* This post is for Your reason to pray: Cycle pure Diwali contest.


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