Battle between fate and me.



Determined I always was,
Knowing what to do,
Clear thoughts, perfect plans,
I had spun it all through.

Life is never same they say,
Not for me I thought,
Destiny is what you make to be,
I always had believed.

But this one time fate won,
Leaving me helpless and crippled,
All my plans, all the dreams
Shattered like glass pieces.

Living with others’ choice,
Feeling the pressure within,
My inner voice gagged,
and beliefs faltering.

It’s not over I say to me,
“You were never this weak”,
I gather myself with a teary smile,
to my fate, I stand and say,

This time it was you, but,
I won’t let you win again,
And slowly I start to pick
The pieces of my dreams.

By- Sweety Pateliya


9 thoughts on “Battle between fate and me.

    1. Yup long time. Been busy with Navratri function. It’s more of a struggling heart than a broken one. We decide something for us and fate comes in between. There starts a constant battle but what matters is try your best.


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