A visit to Neverland

Far Across the horizon,
when the sun awakes the glowing moon,
in the twilight for a very small time,
there opens up a place called neverland.

They say it is quite easy to find,
you just have to be there at the right time,
if the grief in your heart overpowers the joy,
you are allowed to go in to unwind.

Last night when nothing seemed right,
I went out to find this mysterious land.
Oh! It was nothing like one can imagine,
it was on earth, a paradise.

Two beautiful genies welcomed me
with a drink that tasted heavenly,
I went in and saw little women with wings,
fluttering and flying and playing games.

Trees spread their branches as if,
trying to give me a welcome hug,
the wind made such a lovely sound,
to my ears it felt like a sweet soft song.

The land was special besides its beauty,
it takes away your problems and worry,
the dreams take shape and seems to be true,
things in your head, comes in front of you.

Just when I was beginning to enjoy,
a voice broke in and said, it was time,
now that my heart was filled with joy,
I had to go back to the world of mine.

I am an explorer and love to travel,
I have seen mountains and valleys and lakes,
but none as beautiful as this magical land.
so next time you are sad or unhappy, I say,

Far Across the horizon,
when the sun awakes the glowing moon,
in the twilight when the time is right,
just go to the place called neverland.

This post is written for the ‘I AM EXPLORER’ contest by Tata Safari.
Please click the link below for more information.

By- Sweety Pateliya.


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