An invitation with a twist

We are celebrating my niece’s first birthday next week and I am given the task of writing the invitation cards. Her name is Chahal, as in chahal-pahal. Get it?
Heres what I have written…..

Those big round eyes
I have lined up with kohl
She is an angel in disguise,
We have named her CHAHAL.

On our princess’s 1st birthday
We all are so delighted
On this special occasion we say,
You are heart fully invited.

Now here is the twist. Send me your version of invitation. Anything that comes to your mind.
And the winner will get………..

My lifetime readership;)

By- Sweety Pateliya


4 thoughts on “An invitation with a twist

    1. Posting her photograph is a nice idea. I will surely do that. Thank you.
      I forgot to mention, invitation has to be in the form of a poem. It was her mother’s special request.


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