A friend, guardian, caretaker, he is a Brother…

Holding me in your tiny hands
You cradled me and sung me lullabies
When mom couldn’t, she had to
Attend to her household chores.

You held my hand and walked me
To my class on the first day of school
The same one you went, you wanted
to keep me right in front of your eyes.


You fought with the guy who
followed me on my way to college
Secured and safe, I went along,
No one dared to mess with me since then.

You have made me feel as if
I am the focus of your life
in every step, you have been with me,
Guarding me, teaching the lessons of life.


On this Rakshabandhan my brother
as I tie this holy thread, I pray
For your well being, and wish
You reach greater heights where

All your dreams take form of real.
All your worries gets wiped off
You get what your heart desires
And forever our bond remains as such.

Hey guys I am back after almost a couple of weeks. It’s good to be blogging again and what better than starting with a post on brother? I love my brothers, they are my role models. Sadly I couldn’t be with them this Rakshabandhan but my love and wishes are with them always.

Anything special about rakhi for you?

By- Sweety Pateliya.


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