How do you cope up with grief?

There are many different ways people react to tragedies. Whether its a downfall in career, or loss of someone very dear. People cope with such situations differently.


Some may need some time alone 

and stay aloof for a while,

some may divert their thoughts

being busy and preoccupied.


Some wear a smiley mask

Creating a shell around them

Where no one can take a peek and 

get to know the pain they feel.


Dancers find solace in their dance

while writers find peace in words,

when the pen writes the agony

that the heart has to endure.


Musicians go to their compositions,

an artist to a blank canvas,

A masterpiece is in creation when

The anguish takes form of art.


Whats gone is gone, is never coming back

words and dance and music and mask,

dont promise to return your unfair loss

but helps to fight the turbulence inside.

Day 30 of ultimate blog challenge.

By- Sweety Pateliya


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