The Break up

“Hey it’s me! I have two tickets to Goa! Want to join?”

Riya was baffled and surprised and overwhelmingly happy! She had broken up with Nikhil a year ago. She knew him well. He wasn’t the kind of guy who would come back to her after being dumped. In fact she was sure she was dead for him.

She had taken this decision after giving a lot of thought to it and her heart had broken when she said she wanted some space in the relationship.

Though all this while she longed to see him, hear his voice.

Riya was confused. All of sudden, he calls and asks her to go to goa with him? As if this one year never existed at all. But that’s how Nikhil has always been. Unpredictable, moody and way too charming.

“Hell yes! When do we leave?” Said Riya not believing her own words.

They left for goa that weekend. Nothing of the past was talked about enroute.
Just the usual “how have you been?” and ” where have you been?” stuff.

When they reached their destination, they went to a hotel, checked in and hit the shore directly.
Nikhil knew she loved the sea. She had chosen the finest bikini for the tour. Not that it was the first time she was going out with him, but this one year of the gap made her quite nervous.

Nikhil was at ease. He was wearing blue shorts and a white tshirt.

When she joined him at the beach wearing her gorgeous outfit he was bowled over.

“Wow you look dashing!!” She smiled and sat near him.

“So how come you suddenly call me here?I thought you won’t ever call back?”

“I tried Riya, I tried real hard. But I couldn’t live a second without you. This one year has been the worst part of my life. I just couldn’t stop thinking of you.”

Riya nodded gazing far away at the sea. She knew this feeling too well, but she was quite good at hiding it.

That night they made love and lay wrapped up at each others arms until morning.

Riya woke up with a smile as the soft sun rays seeped through the curtains.
She loved watching the early morning light, that first beacon that comes tearing apart the dark, those dust particles floating freely in the ray which otherwise go unnoticed. It gives her immense pleasure watching it. As if the ray of hope is entering her life. As if everything is going to be alright.

This morning was very special to her. This day was a new beginning with someone she is never going to give up on again.
Somehow the sudden appearance of Nikhil in her life made her think things are falling into place once again. Good times were about to start for her.

Still lying in the bed she ordered room service for some tea and toast and that’s when she realised Nikhil wasn’t there!
She went and checked the bathroom but he wasn’t there either.

“May be he rose early and went for a walk” she thought and waited for him to return.

The waiter came in with her order and placed the tea at the bed side table.
As she bent forward to take her cup, her eyes fell on the piece of paper with something scribbled on it.

She couldn’t believe what was written on the paper, she was holding right now. Tears started flowing down her face.

” No one dumps Nikhil. Goodbye”

Really? He came back into his life just to go away again? To leave her as she had a year ago?He had come for a revenge?

She was heart broken.

She felt a sudden stab of pain in her chest, as if someone was squeezing the blood out of her heart. She fell on the ground and lay unconscious.

The hotel staff admitted her to a nearby hospital.

She had a hole in her heart and any sudden joy or pain was harmful for her.

She had known it all the time but she chose to ignore it and live life fully that is whatever was left of it.

Her family members and everyone in her call list was contacted and given the news.

Nikhil was about to leave Goa when he got the phone call. He was shocked.
Her words were ringing in his mind which made sense to him now.

” I can’t go on with you any more Nikhil. I need some space in our relationship”

“Space? Have I ever forced anything onto you?”

“It’s not you, it’s me.” She had said. Not like the cliche sounds but literally.

“I can’t do this to me and to you. I can’t. Go away before I break your heart”

She had said it because she didn’t have much time left!!
“Oh God! What have I done?”

Nikhil thought and hurried to the hospital. He rushed to her room.
She was lying on the bed.

“I am so sorry Riya” he said.

“I love you more than you can imagine. I just didnt want to lose face, that is why I brought you here. Not to hurt you, but to make myself believe it doesnt matter to me. To prove myself the stronger one. It was stupid Riya. You went away from me, so that I wont be hurt! But I? I have done a terrible mistake Riya. Please forgive me.
Riya? Riya are you listening to me? ”

The doctor came in and said, “Are you Nikhil?”

“Yes doctor” he said eagerly.

” I am sorry. She is no more, but she wanted me to give this to you if It was too late.” Saying this he handed him a note.

She was gone!! She never listened to him apologise!

He couldn’t say a word. The feeling of guilt was so strong, he couldn’t even look at the doctor’s face.

He took the paper with a lowered head. It was the same note he had left for her in the hotel room.

He flipped it over and there she had added something in her beautiful writing.
It read “Thank you for giving me such a wonderful time. I am going with happy memories. Whatever your intention may be, I have always loved you.”

He kept staring at the paper. There was nothing he could do now. Nothing to undo his mistakes.
This time she had dumped him for life, never to come back.

Day 28 of ultimate blog challenge.

By- Sweety Pateliya


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