Happiness lies within you


Helpless and sad she wandered
Blaming her fate and God,
She had finally given up,
The quest for some good luck.

She met a beggar on the street
Only he didn’t beg to her,
His eyes shining like a star,
Smile like blooming flower in the spring.

She gave him some money but
He was done for the day he said,
why was he happy, she wondered
If he had to beg for a living?

Sensing her doubts the beggar
Smiled at her and said, I never
forget the good things I have in life
And the good that can happen anytime.

Her search for happiness stopped there
The beggar had taught her a lesson hard learnt
She had been searching for happiness while
All the time it reside in her.

Day 27of ultimate blog challenge
By- Sweety Pateliya


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