The psycho intruder

Kapil was an atheist, but the lady standing in front of him made him feel, like he was in front of a godly figure.
He had imagined his blind date to be gorgeous and sexy, but not in his wildest of dreams he had thought she would turn out to be a lady so beautiful. She had an aura that filled positivity and happiness in everyone around her. She demanded respect by the mere presence of her.

That night he dreamt of their wedding and a beautiful life with her. He just couldn’t get her out of his mind. Now the only thing he worried about was where and how to find that girl again?
Strangely after dinner the earlier night, she said she had a great time and left. When kapil had asked her number she had smiled and said, “don’t worry I’ll find you” and before kapil could say anything else she was gone.

The whole of india was terrorised from kapil. He was the right hand of the mafia.
He made sure he got everything he wanted, nothing was impossible for him.
But finding her was way too difficult than he had imagined.
He just couldn’t think of any way to trace her.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Hello sir, I met your man today. He is planning to leave India soon, and expand his business in Dubai. He has murdered 15 people by now and the CM is next in his list. Go get him, he will be near the shiv temple at this time. He doesn’t believe in God but makes sure he goes near that temple before every murder. He doesn’t enter it but he finds the sight of that temple lucky.

As the police force arrived at that place and captured him, he was shocked to death!
No one, not even his mafia people knew about his visits here, how did the police know?
As he tried to run away, a bullet came piercing his knee.
He fell on the ground and that’s when he saw that angelic face once again.

He somehow knew she had something to do with the police. But how? He never mentioned any of this or his real identity to her.
Next shot was on his heart. His eyes never left hers as if asking many question at a time.
His shirt was drenched by his blood by now but before he closed his eyes, she came near him and said, “I am a brain hacker.”

She wasn’t sure he heard her or not, neither could she find out. His brain had stopped giving signals by now.

Day 26 of ultimate blog challenge.

By-Sweety Pateliya.


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