The five day fast comes to an end

Today is the last day of my five day fasting period. It’s called Jaya Parvati Vrat.

A wife does it for the betterment of their husband and children.

Me for my husband as everyone says but in reality I did because I was supposed to do. It’s the tradition which I happily follow.

Does it really make my husband’s life better? This is a question I have no answer to.

If I put my brains into work, I don’t think it does. If fasts could improve ones life no one in the world would be sad. But this tradition has been going on in the gujju families since ages and I respect it.

Sometimes to some beliefs we have to put aside our logics and practicality and bow down to the cultural spirits of our ancestors. At least I believe so.

Coming to the fast, For five days I had to say no to salt and eat one time a day.

Now don’t start imagining a lady dying of hunger in the name of fast.

We gujjus have a very interesting way to fast. We eat 3 times a day, one time cereal which is the only meal Considered and otger two times , potato chips, sabudana, lassi and the list doesn’t stop. We in fact have a gourmet party when it comes to fasting.
So five days were gone in a jiffy.

The hardest part however is the jagran at the fifth day. I have to stay awake the whole night.
It was real fun when I was in college but now I feel my lids heavy even while I write this.

So I and my husband ( since its the vrat for him, he has to contribute in someway right?) are going out for late night movie show with friends, a long drive to follow up and party all night. ( I am supposed to remember God but Gods everywhere right? Even at a theatre!)

Hope I can pull a night over and enjoy and not get mad at hubby who is the sole reason behind all this;)

Day 24 of ultimate blog challenge.

By- Sweety Pateliya


19 thoughts on “The five day fast comes to an end

  1. Five Days Fasting and I guess you did pretty well..and as for Customs and Traditions I really don’t understand needs.But as you said we are bound to follow some traditions…
    So after all these 5 days of fasting hope you are relaxed a bit.. 🙂


  2. fasts are a prayers of a kind .. I beg to digger ma’m .. i am not that religious .. i have rarely kept fasts ever but trust me .. it has got immense power .. when you do it for a reason you believe in .. what I mean is .. believe it … your fasts will make sure your family is always safe and prosperous 🙂 I feel we who follow the Sanatan Dharma (hindus as we call) are never educated on the Whys and the importance of those whys ? .. in Islam they keep fast for a month and most of them do it with all their heart in .. they believe what they are doing .. it is simply because they are newer religion and till date they are being explained the importance and made to believe that what they do actually matters 🙂
    I see you had fun watching movies late night .. all in all it is a time when hubbys get to know the importance of their loving wives who without consuming proper food and salt .. fast coz there subconscious mind knows it matters .. even yours .. consciously you might say it does not 🙂 u know it does 🙂
    There are scientific findings on why we keep fasts and when we discard some food type on specific days of year how the energy level increases and gets .. and all that .. Hindu or any branch related to hinduism is as logical as Science itself 🙂


    1. Jack baba, logically how it does any good to my husband and family, I have no idea. That’s why I have written my brains can’t say why, but heart definitely knows there’s some good out of it. I wouldn’t have gone a day without salt if my heart wasn’t into it.

      And rahi baat movie ki to, earlier people used to come to the onewho had jagran, to give her company all night, these days people don’t care. They are like why should I stay all night coz of your fast.
      Spending time with hubby, even if watching movie was the best idea I could think of.


      1. u seem to have taken it personally .. this was attacking reply .. Maa mujhe maaf karo 😀
        I did not intend to poke the Rani Jhansi inside you ..
        I know your heart is into it and that is what i mentioned .. in my statement ..
        Jaagran mei to we all watch TV or movies to spend the night without dropping our eyelashes ..
        Sincerely,if I sounded critical too much, i apologize.. I am one blogger who reads and responds .. accordingly .. what I feel 🙂

        I believe it should be a conversation else what is the point ? what say ? that does not mean it turn out to be debate and then a war 😀 😀 😀

        have u ever got comments like – Hahaha Nice one !! Hahaha very nice … hahaha ROFL !! 😀 😉

        some comments are restricted to those .. and you will rarely find me doing so .. hahhaaha 🙂
        Sorry again !!


      2. Sorry?? Attacking reply?? Common jack baba main to apki Bhakt hun!
        I loved your comment!!!! definitely better than hahah nice one as you said!!
        it actually made me laugh.
        At least someone’s reading my posts!!

        I really wanted to make a conversation there.
        People really don’t seem to care now. As a kid I loved watching everyone gather at mom’s jagran ( no not doing Bhajan but playing cards). I miss it.
        I really meant it when I said I didn’t have anything better to do.


      3. baba khush hue !! hahhahahaha !!
        aajkal jaagran karte hi bohot kam log hain .. as kids we used to play antakshari.. while our mums used to be busy singing bhajans .. VCRs rent karte thei to watch Ramsey movies 😀


      4. I was born in the time where vcrs were quite common but ofcorse ws a luxury. Have watched shree krishna series on vcr. Wasnt allowed to play cards with them so had bring in tea and snacks for them:((


  3. you did the fast for your hubby.. & in retturn your hubby took you out for the whole night during jagran so things are even now 😀 have a great weekend ahead after a fast full of week 😉


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