Sweetness of doing nothing


I was watching my favourite movie of all time the other day, eat pray love. One of its dialogue got me thinking….

Dolce far nienta- Sweetness of doing nothing.

Seldom  we take time out for ourselves, doing nothing actually.
No planning of the future, no analysing of what has been done, just be there in the moment enjoying delicious idleness.

How hard can it be?

Ever asked yourself, when was the last time you were free?
By free, I don’t mean a weekend out or you watching tv with your spouse or friends or going out for a dinner..

By free I mean when you are completely with yourself. Free of your responsibilities, your pending work or your future plans. Just you with your thoughts about YOU and nothing and no one else.

We are so engrossed in our lives, doing what we are expected to do, living a life predefined or rather ruled by social norms that we forget our own choices.

I have seen housewives preparing food of her husband’s or in-laws’ choice. Because she wants to impress them. Rarely she makes dishes she prefers.

I have seen husbands taking their wives out in a fancy restaurant for dinner on her birthday  when all he wants is a coffee at home watching tv with her.

I have seen employees wearing a mask of smile at office to impress the colleagues and the boss.

Where are your choices in all this? Do you even have any or are they buried somewhere permanently to make others happy?

Don’t you want to be just the selfish smug guy you are deep down inside and do that makes you happy? Irrespective of what your family or friends want? Or even better do nothing and appreciate the moment where you are all by yourself and be happy in it?

I have come to peace with myself. I have set my priorities and that changes never, no matter what!

My “me” time is after  noon. I read, I write, I do whatever I want to and sometimes do nothing. This is the time when I am not role playing, I  just enjoy and savour the sweetness of doing nothing.
And if the hubby wants coffee in the middle of it, he knows he has to wait or make one himself.
Have you gotten yourself your me time? Have you thought about your choices?

Ps- this have been in my drafts for long. I never could post it thinking if it was good enough or not? If my readers would like it or not? Then I thought am I doing justice with this post by doing exactly the opposite of what I mean to covey through this? By fearing others response on it?
So finally it got the place it deserves.

Day 23 of ultimate blog challenge.

By- Sweety Pateliya


4 thoughts on “Sweetness of doing nothing

  1. Now that is a so Nice read..Actually in this busy world we really have forgotten to think about ourself and you post really struck my Nerve and now I seriously want to give myself the ‘ME’ time


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