Why am I two days back in my challenge?

Those few who give a damn about my writings would be thinking I failed in my challenge. Couldn’t post for two days. To which I agree to some extent but I will tell you what exactly happened.

I am facing some problems with my Internet connectivity in my ipad and I am not very comfortable using smartphone for blogging. It doesn’t provide all the features and I can’t simply use it to post.

So now I am a couple of posts back, and I will try to match up as soon as possible.

Untill then those who like my posts, keep waiting I ‘l write soon,
those who don’t, enjoy for a short time, you will get bored with my posts again soon πŸ˜‰

By-Sweety Pateliya


7 thoughts on “Why am I two days back in my challenge?

    1. 3 or 4 posts at a time? I don’t know! If something good comes up okay, but can’t compromise on quality or post anything rubbish just to complete the deadlines. I have to be satisfied with what I post.


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