To be with you


A glimpse of him, a whisper so soft
I thought I saw him, felt him,
Ignoring I continued forward.

Memories flashing so vivid in my head,
a walk hand in hand at times,
even the fights that make me laugh now.

His eyes so deep and clear
hairs so cute and messy,
how he hated it when I combed them neat.

Years have passed we aren’t together
today anyhow, I ‘l meet him,
ask him how can he leave at all?

Thinking of all the things I would say,

when I’l see him after all these years,

or will I be  mesmerised with his eyes again?

I take one step ahead, the voice louder,
second step and I was pulled backwards,
turned I to see around none.

Frightened, I went along my way
only to find there wasn’t any,
end of a steep cliff it was.

He rescued me yet again,
but why when I want to be with him,
and how, when he is long since dead?

Day 18 of ultimate blog challenge.

By- Sweety Pateliya


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