Life is like Nail Art!!

Confused? Even I was when this idea took form in my brain. Earlier in the morning I got a mail about blogging ideas for the ultimate blog challenge. Today’s idea was to compare two things.
I read it, ignored it and carried on spending my day reading some fabulous blogs.
While blog hopping I stumbled upon a very nice blog that had beautiful nail arts design.
If you too want this supercute nail art click here.


I loved one of the designs in particular and tried later in the evening. The pic above is my attempt..
What looked not so difficult and a quick thing to do took almost an hour to complete!! Not to forget it was my very first attempt to design my nails.

At first I didn’t get it correct. Had to rub it off n number of times and reapply it. But with a little bit of patience ( I am very very impatient. I have to do things instantly and want the results quicker than that) I got it right and beautiful in an hour.

The mail I got earlier in the morning struck in my mind and I thought really,
Life IS like nail art. You have to have patience. You try and you never get it right at the first time.
[ not for those lucky ones who get their dream life as if there is a jinn waiting for them to wish for something and whoosh!!! It comes true ] but with patience and focus you achieve your desired results ie what you want from life. May be it take some months or years but if you keep on trying ( redoing the design after rubbing off the unwanted one) you WILL get there, no matter what!!

Day 17 of ultimate blog challenge.

By Sweety Pateliya.


2 thoughts on “Life is like Nail Art!!

  1. Hey Sweety..I’m so glad you like and appreciate my nail arts 🙂 And trust me its an amazing first attempt 🙂 My first nail art was a disaster! Thank you so much for the support 🙂 and thats one amazing corelation between nail arts and life 🙂


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