The man who is crazy or not?


The mad man beside the street

Face covered with creases,
Looks blank, void of past or present
Mumbling away as he sits in his tent.
Taking the laughs of children,
Hatred looks of grown ups too, 
With an indifference that no one else
 can take the way he does with such ease. 
One day I heard him  shouting
To himself with none around
“Oh God! Take all the riches away
All the problem will go away”
Sensing the deep meaning of these lines
Coming so innocently from a man mad,
I was forced to think that,
Crazy is who? This person laughed at
Or the people looking at him, laughing away…
Day 15 of ultimate blog challenge.
By-Sweety Pateliya

2 thoughts on “The man who is crazy or not?

    1. I was one of the persons who was like why do they allow such people in front of a mall?
      [yes ironically he lived in a tent opposite a shopping mall] but when I heard him say this I was surprised and a bit ashamed of myself.


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