All that a woman is


A sweet smile,
A gentle touch,
A caring heart,
She is a mother.


A loving nature
A strong support,
A giver always
She is a partner


A naughty wink
A mischievous smile
The understanding eyes
She is a daughter.


Goddess of wealth,
Evil destroyer Durga,
Creator herself,
She is a woman.

A woman plays a lot of roles, yet she is looked down upon, unwanted and treated with disrespect in many parts of our country.
She is also a human just like you, she deserves to be treated as one


Day 14 of ultimate blog challenge.

By- Sweety Pateliya


2 thoughts on “All that a woman is

    1. Thank you sir! A woman successfully plays her roles still she has to struggle at each step to prove herself. Be it at home or working place, its woman who has to go that extra mile to leave a mark!!


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