Are you a morning person?


Every morning when the alarm starts up with its irritatingly high volume tune, I hit the snooze button with my eyes almost closed. Pillow over my head, I go back to my dream world.
When that horrible alarm sounds again, I open my eyes, look at that monster, cancel it and guess what?? Go back to sleep!!!

After half an hour or so of this war between me and my cell phone, I get up, curse everyone, my life (just because I have to get up and leave my cosy bed), and spend all morning until 11:00 to noon, in this crazy-angry-lazy state of mind.
And getting ready, preparing breakfast all is done within that time frame.

A hot cup of tea does help but the effect soon wears off. It takes like a lifetime for me to complete that cup sitting by the living room window and reading my paper.


Oh I wish the time to just stop there. But eventually with a lot of effort, I gather up all the energy I can and carry on with my household chores.
( it may sound like a lot of effort but believe me in the morning it does take that much effort to even stand up from your couch)

As the clock strikes 12, I am suddenly filled with this surge of energy in me, I am all fresh and ready to start my day or rather half of the day that’s left;)

That’s me!! A late sleeper and a late riser!

What about you? Are you a morning person?

PS- Don’t ever dare to call me when I have just woken up. Believe me you don’t want to.

Day 12 of ultimate blog challenge .

By- Sweety Pateliya


11 thoughts on “Are you a morning person?

  1. late bed (not very late ) but early to rise !! I cant lay on bed for long ! πŸ™‚ I love the cool breeze in the morning the freshness of the sunlight at 6 .. I feel energized .. welcoming the day as an infant .. innocent and so loving .. as it gets older .. I start getting busy .. with life and by the time day is old and gives up to night … I start adoring .. the infancy of night called evening πŸ˜‰


    1. Every time I read/hear something like that I get all motivated to wake up early the next morning and go out for a walk. But the next day is no different from the rest. After all good habits (ahhh to be on bed until you are hungry) are difficult to give up πŸ˜‰


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