A Gift that was


A small glass pendant gifted to me
A piece of rice floating inside
I looked closer and was amazed to see
My name on it flashing with pride

Tying it up with a transparent string
I wore it on my neck for never to free
No gold or diamond pendants bring
The joy this piece had given to me.

It was a symbol of the bond we shared
how much i mean to you it showed,
It was crashed, and so did our friendship
Into pieces so small,not be seen.

Years later we met by chance,
Recognition on your eyes, denial on face,
turning around you pretended not to see
And then the pendant actually broke for me.

PS This is fictional. I just had to write something about the “name on rice jewellery”

its cute and I love it.

Day 11 of ultimate blog challenge.

By-Sweety Pateliya


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