Where do you find happiness?

That smell of the mud
After the first rains,
That first bloom
In the lovely spring

A drop of dew in tender grass
Like pearl around the neck of a lass
That butterfly fluttering
From flower to flower

A street light flickering in the dark
That dog that irritates with its bark
The watchman whistling outside my home
My hubby snoring away in a world of his own

My days are not complete without these
These small little things are eager to please
I just have to stop and look around me
Happiness is all over, i just have to be free.

Day 9 of ultimate blog challenge

By-Sweety Pateliya


5 thoughts on “Where do you find happiness?

    1. People are so busy, they always complain they don’t have time, they aren’t as happy as they want to be. These small things, are often ignored. How hard is to just live in the moment??!!


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