The Waiter


Running all time on his toes,
everywhere as his name is called,
Table to table he swiftly goes
Serving all day what he is told.

Listens to the rude comments and swears
God knows how our nuisance he bears,
With a smile so sweet all time on his face,
He still takes our order with a grace.

Next time if that sandwich isn’t grilled,
Or there is an item mistakenly billed
Before any sharp action you take,
Remember he like you can make a mistake.

Day 8 of ultimate blog challenge.

By-Sweety Pateliya


2 thoughts on “The Waiter

  1. Wow I really loved the way you showed that Waiter is after all a Human Being and Like all he also does make mistake…but we generally are so rude to them…


    1. Exactly!! I was this shout at waiter types in my college. Always wanted my order exactly the way I have ordered. But they are humans too!! I mistake all the time!! They can afford some tooAnd just coz we are paying doesn’t give us any right to insult someone.


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