Coloured pants

Coloured pants are so in right now. But when it comes to outfits especially lowers, green, pink and all are just not me. I like keeping it basics or near to it as far as my pants colour is considered. I experiment with tops, cuts, fabric but a bright coloured trousers? Not for me.

However I bought these blue cotton Lycra pants( blue is a basic right) which I am loving right now.
I paired it with a printed ruffled top in black.
Here’s the look.


Find my friend shweta in white skirt and printed pink top. Comfortable yt stylish especially in this humid rainy season. Don’t tell me you haven’t fallen in love with her hair by now.

Pants: Benetton
Top: Tommy Hilfiger
Belt: Some shop from nagpur
Purse: Miss fiorelli (gifted by my hubby)
Slippers: Tommy Hilfiger

Day 7 of ultimate blog challenge

By-Sweety Pateliya.


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