An engineer’s dream


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I always wanted to be a software engineer. I got my engineering degree, got placement in a multinational company and then guess what?

Reality struck. Life was too good to be true.

The world was suffering from global recession back in the year 2008. Every company was downsizing and cutting cost. My company however decided to redefine the salary structure.

And it was before i even joined the company.

When i got a letter from them stating it, my rich entrepreneur parents thought it was a bad idea for their daughter to work in some company for less than what they give to their engineers.
I wasn’t allowed to join, got depressed and started writing poems and stories to tackle with my sadness. And then I realised I actually loved it!!

Each day learning something new and improvising my writing skills. If not for them I wouldn’t have found my talent within.

Now when I think of the life I wanted back then, get up goto office, work for hours at a stretch, come back, make dinner et all, I feel happy I didn’t go that path. ( of corse it wasn’t a choice then. I desperately wanted it)

Money was more undoubtedly but now I feel it couldn’t have given me the happiness I feel when I create stuff.

imageI wouldn’t have felt the high I feel when my fingers go all over the keypad and finally press that publish button.

Many a times I think, had I been depressed at that time and didn’t take up writing then, what my life would have been? I am proud I didn’t allow anyone to stop me.

It reminds me of great lines from my favourite author

“The question is not who’ll let me, it’s who’ll stop me”-Ayan Rand

Day 4of ultimate blog challenge.

By- Sweety Pateliya


4 thoughts on “An engineer’s dream

  1. my profession found me without notice and now I am in a grind that I want to get out of and just write full time. I will make it happen over time. Its great to see someone letting go a normal way of life study-job etc and living their dreams. Blogging world is full of such amazing people. Have fun 🙂


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