The Indian in me

Today while going through my stuff I have collected all these years, mainly gifts and letters,
I came across my wedding invitation card. I had kept it as a remembrance.
There was a picture of me on the cover page of it.


[This isnt my picture. i cant seem to upload it now. i will the replace it the moment i can. but this is generally what an indian bride looks like. photocredit google ofcorse]

One thing struck me while looking at it,
Prior to my marriage I was this modern western lifestyle inspired girl who loved wearing jeans and tees, dresses (loved indian too but with a contemporary twist in it) .
And then I see this picture. In a saree dressed completely like an indian bride.
Bangles, bindi(ugh I hated bindis before) and then I realised, I/we( I am sure most of my fellow Indians would agree to it) may have developed a western lifestyle, but deep in my heart I am still that indian girl who loved to dress up in a traditional way on her wedding.
Who still touches her elder’s feet for their blessings, who loves to eat dal chawal ( indian food) in a dhaba ( small road side restaurant) as much as a burger inMc Donald.
And no matter how much I incorporate that western culture in my life, the Indian inside me will always be there reminding me of my culture, my tradition which somehow is getting lost these days.

Day 3 of the ultimate blog challenge.

By- Sweety Pateliya


3 thoughts on “The Indian in me

  1. I love this post. I can also identify with you on this “westernized lifestyle” and when it comes to special days I like to keep it traditional. I am not of Indian heritage but feel really close to my heritage and give its honors when needed too. Anyways, I thank you for putting this post up and keep in touch with your heritage love!


    1. Glad you could relate to it. Change in lifestyle is not a problem, may its even needed to some extent but the tradition and culture has to be retained.


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