Challenge Accepted!!


I am such a stubborn person (yes like the child above 😉 ) that when i am told do something i suddenly am tempted to do the exact opposite thing. thats how i have always been. whenever i have two choices lets say as simple as two books to read from, i call up my friend, ask which one should i start with (though it never mattered whichever i started first), completely convinced with the one my friend says, i look at the books and in a spur of moment i take the other one and start reading it. That’s me!

When I heard of the ultimate blog challenge for the month of July this year, I just had to take it up. Yes yes i know it doesn’t agree with my ways as i stated earlier. i am told to write posts everyday? wont i end up writing zero posts considering the way I am? I guess this is what i needed. A challenge!

Sticking up to a routine!! Too difficult for a careless, give-it-a-damn kind of girl for me, but I know I can do it. I successfully completed the Napowrimo challenge too remember? I had my doubts then, I have them now.
But one thing I am sure of. I am gonna try my best and who knows amidst all this I get my muse back?

I am a day late to enter this but does that make a difference? Hell No!
This is my post for day 2. Day 1 coming soon.

Do you do the same? Or would you listen to your friend?


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