Muse less


Muddled thoughts playing in my mind,
I try to focus on one but fail,
Thousands of ideas in bits and pieces,
An attempt to fit the puzzles went vain.

A memoir I try to put in words,
But words ditch me like an unloyal friend,
Like the one around which your life revolves
Then all of a sudden you find him gone.

Words were my companion forever,
a power they had to lift up my spirits,
In bereavement I search for them,
Like a lonely heart looking for love.

I peek inside my brains and heart,
And a few words are generated,
Words that have lesser value,
Like acquaintances you meet seldom.

I try and try and the memoir is done,
I read it again and find it so dumb,
Without a meaning it stands muse less,
Like living life without your friends

By- Sweety Pateliya


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