A Tribute to the man that cleans


Last week I was travelling from nagpur to Delhi. My train was half an hour late so I stayed on the platform and waited. A group of people was standing nearby me, chitchatting, laughing, at the top of their voices.
Irritated by their noises, I took my bag and went some distance away from them.
After few minutes of blabbering, they got hungry I guess. They took out some jamuns(berries) and continued the noise, with the sound of their munching on added.
They were really getting into my nerves and I tried to ignore them as much as possible.

This got all the more difficult when I saw them spitting the seeds of berries out, right there on the platform. I just cannot tolerate when I see people loitering public places.

I went near them and very politely said “Excuse me, can you please use the dustbin over there. The platform is getting dirty and other people may not like it.”

One of them was the age of my father. He said ” beta aap hain kaun ye Bolne wale”?
( who are you kid, to teach us?).
Keeping the respect of his age I just smiled, replied “No one” and returned to my place.

Their train arrived after a while and they boarded it with the berries still on their hands and mouths.

When the train was gone( mine was the next to come), I saw this man in the picture above, collecting those seeds, and putting them in the dustbin.

I went near him and asked “How often do you have clean up stuff like this?”
He said “in between each trains. Every 20 mins”.

This made me real angry. Without thinking for a second, people treat public places like their own property. They spit, they smoke, they pee, they do anything they want to anywhere and expect people like this man to clean their nuisance up.

These are the same people who complain about the state of our country all the time. When will they realise, a country doesn’t make men, We make a country. If it is unclean, it is because of us.

Next time before you do anything similar to this, please remember this man. There is a person, a human being who will have to clean up your stuff.

Why not be just more careful and responsible instead?

By- Sweety Pateliya


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