The best couple

This time of every year I go in to a cleaning spree. I discard all the unwanted clothes ( rather the ones that would never fit me anymore;) ) and give them to the people who actually need them. Every time I clean up my wardrobe, I find many old stuff that I had completely forgotten about. It’s always good to see those lost and found things and I promise myself to keep them somewhere safe and end up again losing them only to find in my next cleaning ritual.

This time I found a poem I had written to my fiancé( now husband) a few days before my wedding.
[ yes I do find his stuff in my cupboard too]. It reminded me of my courtship and all the happy moments.


Walking alone along the life’s road,
I met someone so dear,
His hand I held and I knew,
He is the one I have to keep near.

Not more than a minute we had talked,
And I knew he is the one for me,
The one I can spend my life with,
The one who will make my life worth.

With him I continued the journey,
And it never was so beautiful before,
Though the road ahead was tougher,
I was happy through the core.

We scheduled and rescheduled our timings to call,
He for his fitness, the fitness freak,
Me for the glow of the bride to be,
Love notes, phone calls, poems and all,
Did add charm to the wedding to be.

The workaholic he did hurt me at times,
The stupid me couldn’t understand him awhile,
But all this made me realise,
The bond that we share with a pride.

Ignoring the mistakes we loved all the more,
Blindly on another putting our trust,
Living for one another, loving for our sake,
All this made us the best couple in the world.


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