Love above self

He had never seen anyone dancing so enjoyably. Her eyes closed, feet moving in synchronization with some music he couldn’t see the source of. It was like she was in a trance, as if meditating through dance.
Richard just couldn’t take his eyes off her.
The auditorium was empty with only two of them.  It was the day before the final performance. Annual function of IIA college was famous for their cultural programs.
Alice was a newcomer but seeing her dedication towards dance and music she was assigned as the new cultural secretary of the college. Many had opposed the idea. She had to prove herself, had to let people know she deserves that position and she knew her performance will speak for her.
As she took her last pirouette she saw a guy watching her. She stopped and went near him. “Yes? “
“Eh! Nothing I too came for my practice but seeing you dance just got me. You dance beautifully. “
 His beautiful smile, intense eyes and sexy voice sent butterflies in her stomach. She had heard, Richard was the best dancer of college and her biggest competition. Yet when she first saw him, she just couldn’t think of anything and anyone else. Competition was the last thing she could think of.
“Annie right?  The new girl?”
She snapped back to the reality. Extending her hands she said,
Yes .They shook hands. She just couldn’t resist his charm. Fighting to let go of his hand, she excused herself. “See you tomorrow in the function” and she left.
Next day was filled with rehearsals and organizing stuff. They didn’t meet the whole day. The function was about to start at 7 in the evening. Annie did her last minute practice and started for the green room to get ready.
And there he was looking as stunning as ever, Just outside the ladies room.
“Hi! This is the last place I expected you to be at! “
“And the sure shot place to find you. “
Annie’s cheeks were red by now as she blushed like a school girl.
I know a place where they make sexy burgers. What say?Dinner tonight? After our performance? Annie just stared at him in the eyes, smiling ear to ear.
“What? “Asked Richard .” Yes or no?”
“It’s a date” said Annie and went inside the room.
The function had begun and Annie’s was the next performance.
She looked beautiful in her blue shot dress. Her honey coloured shoulders shining from one side and the other covered with the lacy frills of the dress.
As her name called and the curtain went up, she scanned the audience for the one person who really mattered to her now. There he was right in front of the stage as closest to her as possible. He grinned as their eyes met. And as the music started, Annie had gone to a complete new world. She wasn’t aware of the audience in front, wasn’t even aware of the handsome guy gazing at her, she just knew she had waited for it for a long time, she had to prove herself.
Her hands and legs smoothly glided on the stage. And as the music stopped she opened her eyes and saw people shouting and going crazy. She bowed and left.
Backstage Richard was waiting for her. His performance was always in the opening and was always the best.
This time the best one was yet to be decided. He grabbed Annie at small of her back and brought her closer. Lets go out he whispered, lips softly touching her ear. She turned towards him, eyes locked, held his hand and led him out of the college campus.
Back on stage the best performance was awarded to Annie. Out in the cafe, they held hands, lips locked , and after they were out of their breath, Richard said
“Welcome to the college. Hope you get  the best performance award. I will be happy if its you.”

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