Smiles and cries of the last few days

Last couple of weeks have shown me many ups and downs. I organised my cousin’s sangeet (a day before the wedding we had a dance program each dance performance highlighting the importance of each ritual in a Hindu wedding.) I got loads of compliments for the program. Through out the time I was happy, dancing, enjoying to the fullest with my in laws.

At the same time my father met with a minor accident with an arm fracture of which I had no idea. This information was kept away from me.
Everyone except me knew about it. I got to know at the next day of the wedding. And immediately I left to visit him.
When I reached my childhood home, papa was waiting for me outside (I had informed about my visit before leaving) with a bandage around his left arm. That gave me a great relief. There’s nothing major about it.
I entered home, and saw all my cousins, aunt, uncle, mom downstairs. That’s the beauty of living in a big joint family in India. I just loved to see their happy faces. Happy because of my visit. The pain of dad’s accident had faded away by now. After all I was the only one to know about it days after.
This is what a family does to you. I had left with an anxious and restless soul but came home with a smile on the face. Smile that started right before entering my home and remained when I left after a week.

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