Napowrimo#1 trapped in a body not mine

My missed out poem for day 1. It is written a year ago. Posting it to make up for the lost post.

Social chains bind me strong,

keeping away from what i long,

but wid a free heart n soul,

I’ll rove over widout any fall.

My heart says move on,

how can I, wid chains upon?

it doesnt understand the norms,

coz its free unlike my form.

Oh! rain on me u pour,

wash off d burdens 4m d core,

Oh! fire into ashes u turn me,

n I’ll resurrect into a newer me.

A soul, a spirit unshackled,

fallacies n rules are crumbled,

breaking the bondage was my prime,

coz I was trapped in a body not mine.


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