Napowrimo#29 An Evening in Spain

All high was I that evening
Beer to bury my sorrows,
A much needed long vacation it was
With me and my best friend anie
An evening in Spain to my delight.

I danced and laughed on the road,
Greeting all the passers by,
A guy from nowhere appeared in front,

¿Cómo se dice en español

Confused I stared at his eyes,
Laughed my heart out at the poor guy,
I tried to remember the place I was at,
Nothing was vivid in my drunken mind.

“I don’t understand your language” said I,
uscirete con me? He jibber jabbered.
I called Annie and asked if he
Too was drunk as I.

Arrête de dire des conneries Said Annie
Bewildered I stared at her,
Irritated he was now, I could see it in on his face,
ich will mit dir ausgehen” he murmured and went.

A man at the corner was listening all this,
He came to us and said, that guy once loved a girl
Very deeply, but never could go and tell her that
She was a migrant from another country, which one he did not know.

She died a few months ago of cancer,
It was too difficult to bear,
He went crazy and all he does now is,
Talk to the tourist in all languages he knows.

In hope of one day she will come,
And understand what he is saying.
Forget all this maam and enjoy your stay,
Saying this the man went away.

We looked at each other, sympathy in our eyes,

bechara,we said in unison,
And went ahead to party out loud.


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