Napowrimo#28 White it was when I died

Prompt: writes colour poem
I chose white. 
White is the seven coloured sunlight ,
white are the silver lined clouds,
White is sky that appears blue,
White is the canvas of your life,
To paint it in colourful hue.
White was the note my wife gave me,
That I was reading while driving my car,
Across the jungle I rode fast, to go 
Back to her and sleep in her arms.
I saw a lady in a white saree,
Walking by in the black of night,
I asked if I could give her a lift,
But saw her eyes like plastic white,
My face got white in fear, i ran for life.
I sped my car, got hit by a bus,
Bus that came as a beacon of white,
In the dark stark night,as I was running for life.
I could see my body lying,
People gathered, family informed,
I saw my wife crying over me, shedding tears
Not white but that of blood red.
People smiling inside, saddened were their faces,
People genuinely sad by my sudden demise,
Everybody I loved, I hated was there,
All in white, all in white.
By- Sweety Pateliya

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