Napowrimo#27 Courses don’t count



Prompt: to search the first three words of a well known phrase or idioms from the internet and use the results as inspiration to write a poem.

I searched  ‘Do Not Count’ from “Do not count your chickens before they hatch” . I found some interesting results.
There were some courses in a college that didn’t count as degree and were not credited. Some  standardised test questions kids have to answer that do not count. And of corse the phrase itself with its explanation in Wikipedia. There was other stuff too but this two I found really interesting.
I am an engineer, now an entrepreneur,

I wonder how much my degree helps,
The courses I studied, the trainings I received,
Have never come to use in my work.
I saw a child’s workbook and,
half of the questions never did count,
In real world,where all you should know is
How to make money, how to spend too.
I saw some non credited courses for 
 Which you don’t  even get a certificate,
Then why the schools even have them,
To waste our time and their too?
Bookish education might help to an extent,
practical knowledge you have to have,
Getting high grades, and rank doesn’t count,
Making the best use of your brains sure does.
You pass out from a well known grad school and,
you think, “I am gonna rule the world” ,
Then I say Mr. Engg/doctor/professor,
Do not count your chickens before they hatch.
Sweety Pateliya

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