Napowrimo#22 The Blue Planet

Prompt: poem about earth or nature on Earth Day
The blue planet you are named,
For all the water you have,
How do we forget, you have to be kept
That way, blue always?
We dumped all shit
In to your holy Ganga,
It was used to purify our  soul,
Now it can just contaminate our blood.
We are developing so fast,
Like a fire  spread in a forest,
But we cut that too,
And leave you barren.
You gave us beautiful landscape,
And such rich resources,
Blinded by the industrial lights,
We cannot see your beauty.
You are so selfless, a giver always,
But you have your limitations too,
And if your assets continue to be wasted,
 you will soon be depleted like every other planet.
Oh,! Mother Earth, thank you
For taking us on your lap,
We promise to treat you
With a little more respect.

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