Napowrimo#21 fortune cookie lines

Prompt : rewrite the lines for the fortune cookies

You feel beautiful today, inside and out.

You need an apprenticeship, you were not born a writer.
Take a long drive to a place you see in your dreams.
You wish you were better looking, you are prettier than you think.
A beggar will teach you a lesson today with his smile.
Thank the ones who are with you. They deserve it.
You will hurt your parents today and regret later.
You think you are a mr. Know it all. You are jack of all trades master of none.
Your good deeds will keep evil out of your life
You have a secret admirer, he’ll be the one who avoids you the most.
Take yoga lessons to free your mind and soul.
Complete the one thing you have been postponing since long.
You will make a life altering decision.
You will see you soulmate today, in a crowd. You will not notice.
You will eat pizza, and cheat on your schedule.
you will crack the first interview Today. Interviewer will be your dad’s best friend.
 By – Sweety Pateliya

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