Napowrimo# 20 Fear of germs

Prompt: to write a poem using five words from the given list.

Drenched in sweat,

Bilious with the smell,
She boarded the bus,
For first time ever
Trying to find an empty seat,
In a public transport it’s so elusive,
A push from here, a pull from there,
Finally she got one beside the driver’s seat.
Hands as close to her body she kept
Avoiding all the unwanted contacts
But twice did she clutch the window grill
To prevent from falling from her seat.
She felt she was in a gutter then,
A bottle of sanitizer emptied she,
But then a man came by her side,
And shook her hand saying “do you remember me”?
All hell broke loose then,
Her mercurial temper got very high,
She shouted at that friendly man,
And stopped the bus and out she rushed.
Shocked and embarrassed the poor chap,
Not knowing what had just happened,
Unaware of the fact that
She was a germaphobe.
An attempt to showcase  how a person who constantly lives in fear of getting infected by germs by contact, using public washrooms deal with everyday life.

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