Napowrimo#18 In search of an ordinary man

Prompt: first and last word of the poem should be same.
Face  like a Greek God’s
Aura so charming
The way he walked, the way he spoke,
A handsome gentleman he was.
The world stopped for me when I saw him,
Only his movement, I could see,
His smile just stuck in my head
And replayed it I, a thousand times.
 when I knew who he was,
All the feelings got washed away
heartbeat found its normal rate,
The face in my mind, wiped off
Selfish I am you will say,
To not love him for the person he is,
But judging him from who he was
And what his social status is.
Son of the richest guy he was,
And this made him down in my likes,
For a simple girl I am,
And want my partner to be the same,
To have felt what I have 
In all the situations we face.
 By- SweetyPateliya

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