Napowrimo#17 The King Of Fruits

Ah! That intoxicating fruity smell,
The ripeness that excites my taste buds,
The yellow ness that brings me great delight,
The king of fruits have finally arrived.

Raw or ripe, you can choose any,
Eat the raw with salt and chilly,
Ripen one  doesn’t need a company,
Simply melts in your mouth so sensuously.

Cut it in cubes or make in a juice,
Preserve as a pickle for long time use,
Throw some ice and mint in it,
Ward off the heat with this cool treat.

Myriads of varieties to choose from,
Bombay green, totafali, alfanso,
Now that they are in plenty to find,
I take a few of all its kind.

I cut up and gobble a nice big chunk,
And smoothly it glides along my tongue.
Ah such a heavenly feeling it brings,
A sensuous and juicy welcome it is.
Prompt: a welcome poem

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