Napowrimo#14 the lucifer effect

Today’s prompt was to write a poem in a superhero or a mythological character’s voice.
My poem is the voice of lucifer…..
He who was hauled down, 
shall rise some day, 
to me people will bow, 
not out of respect, 
but with utter fear. 
But it is fear again,
that they worship God,
fear of losing, fear of failure,
fear of the unknown,
or may be fear of His power?
It is easy to stand with the strong,
but now that i have risen,
who shall it be? The stronger one?
The creator or the one who stood for himself?
what will decide? A war or is it the destiny again?
The man above is there for us, they say,
and deep in their hearts,they know,
He is responsible for the man beneath,
for my evil, for my strength even,
coz i was also his son, who just thought different.
God forgives us whatever, they say,
then why His own child wasn’t?
what are you to do now?Prepare
Yourselves for the same fate,,
or just accept, He too can make mistakes?
PS: I am a strong blvr of God. Thoughts put here are just to luk from a diff perspective.

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