Napowrimo#13 Reflections

Today’s prompt was to observe all the things while you take a walk and write it in a poem.
I didn’t go for a walk , instead I observed things from my terrace.
Here it goes….

From the above where I stood,

I felt I am out of the crowd,
Removing all the thoughts from my mind,
I simply observed the people underneath.
Out somewhere a baby crying,
The sound of wind engulfing the cry,
As if to console the child,f
Singing the baby a lullaby.
on the terrace of my neighbour in the right,
I see a lady with a lighted lamp,
Going round and round the tulsi plant,
Hands folded, muttering some chant
tulsi is considered sacred and worshipped in my country]
The lightening struck as the lady stopped,
As if in answer to her prayers to God,
Is it a sign, or a mere coincidence I thought,
The lady knew better as she looked at the sky and smiled.
A group of guys in the stall of tea,
Enjoying the weather so windy,
Cup in a hand and a cig in other,
They chatted merrily, unwinding the  bother.
I hear a doorbell ringing incessant,
I come out of my trance and realise,
Someone’s at the door downstairs,
I turn around, who can it be at this time,
I thought travel then from other’s life to mine.

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