Napowrimo#9 The Psychopathic Lover

She looked at herself and admired,

How beautiful she was, the petite figure,
The full lips, the dove eyes, and thought
How can anyone not want me?
Out on the dark street,
He was ambling on his way,
Whistling, jumping on the puddles,
Thinking of the girl he loved so dear.
the thought of her smile, her innocent face,
The way she cared, the way she loved,
Her long black hair kept running in his mind,
As he merrily spun around he saw,
 A man, hands  in the pockets of his long trench coat,
broad rimmed hat, that covered his face,
he took long strides, face kept low,
Following him.
Not a single soul was seen around,
He started walking fast and heard 
The  sound of the steps behind him even faster,
He started running, and suddenly he was jolted
By a great stab of pain, and fell on the ground.
Shocked, terrorised he glanced up to see
A stranger with a dagger, dripping with blood,
The blood oozing through his shirt made a pool around him, 
He lay still.
She turned from the mirror,
After a long admiration to receive her phone call,
“The job is done” the man said on the other side,
A wicked smile flashed on her face as she thought,
If you can’t be mine, you can never be anyone else’s….
Prompt: noir inspired poem,

2 thoughts on “Napowrimo#9 The Psychopathic Lover

  1. Your poem is just perfect! A narcissistic psychopath ! I loved it! I see the similarities but I guess with this genre, you’d need some chasing, lovers and murder to make it noirish 🙂 really enjoyed it!


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