Napowrimo#5 Expedition of a winner

this is my first attempt to write a poem according to the prompts provided.

Todays prompt was to write a cinquain and I found it really interesting and challenging.

[ a cinquain has a stanza of five lines. each line with a particular number of overall syllables and stressed syllables.

Challenge was        Total syllables.           Stressed

Line 1.                         2.                                 1

Line 2.                        4.                               2

Line 3.                        6.                              3

Line 4.                        8.                             4

Line 5.                        2.                             1 ]

A high 
Hope and higher
Expectations, big dreams,
Greater thoughts, sleepless nights and crave
To win.
A wait
Endless, bitter
Truth, perseverant plans
According actions,Champion.

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