Napowrimo#3 Out here on my own.

I  just came to know about the Napowrimo challenge. National poem writing month. 30 poems in 30 days of April. Loved this crazy idea. i know I am running two days late but i will catch up by the end I guess.

i am marking this first poem of mine as day 3 and will try to fit 1 and 2 somewhere in between.

So here goes my first poem.


Looking  out to the rising star,

or where it should have been by now

I gaze around but nothing can I see,
as if the darkness has blinded me.
Here in the dark I have been like forever,
And then I see a ray out of nowhere,
I trust it , and I follow it through,
Out here on my own.
Dunno where it’s taking me,
In my heart I don’t want to,
I shut my mind and go with it,
To be somewhere out of this blue.
It was a long journey,
I did have my second thoughts
Would this ray really help me,
Or am I going to a similar place but new.
I regret the time I started,
Back there I knew where I was,
Dunno now where I am up to,
An abyss or hole even darker.
The ray moving ahead of me,
As confident as ever,
Cursing it, but didn’t I stop,
And then i see some light beyond.
If here I am all bright in light,
It’s all coz of you,
Coz in that dark, the ray I saw,
Was none other than you.


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