Love cures all.

A year ago, a girl, newly married, living the cream of her life, enjoying everything about her life,got sick
It’s just jaundice, not to worry. The doc said and prescribed some pills. That day was her husband’s bday. Pushing all the worries back, she started planning to celebrate the day. It ended up being a perfect day which started with a little stress but ended up being one of the best memories of her. She slept that night with a smile on her face.unfortunately it didn’t last long. When she woke up in the morning and tried to get up from the bed, she just couldn’t!! She realised she was unable to sit stand or even move. She struggled hard to shift her position but all in vain. She lay there as if someone had glued her to bed. She woke her husband up ” Rohit, wake up Rohit, do something!! I can’t move” .  He woke up with a startle. The sight in front of him made each single hair in his body stand. He saw his wife’s pale face, eyes drawn inside and her face was distorted!!!
Her lips were slightly inclined towards right, the right eye and the eyebrow were stiff. They didn’t flicker neither moved. Her right face was expressionless. Mask like. He just sat there shuddering, staring at her.
“Don’t just look at me like that, take me to a doctor! “
Her wife shouted. She was a strong lady with an ability to handle difficult
of difficult situations calmly. He lifted her, made her sit in the car and rushed to the hospital.
Your wife has GBS….. Guilliean barre syndrome.
“What the hell is that doctor? She had jaundice till yesterday and she was all fine!! “
“It’s a nervous disorder. She will have to be in icu for some days.”
Critical unit? Is it too bad? Rohit’s face became white as if all the blood had been drawn from it. His lips dry. He loved his wife just too much and couldn’t  see her like his.
For 8 days he stayed with her in the hospital. He was allowed to see her only during meal times. (She needed help to eat).
Her eyes were always stuck to the ICU’s clock, waiting for the lunch time or dinner. That was when her husband came to feed the worst food ever.
Outside he kept on staring at the clock in the guest room waiting for the time he’ll get to see her beautiful wife.
Finally with intensive treatments and love,  on the eighth day she was able stand with the help of a walker. She went home the other day but used the walker for two months from then before she could take baby steps by herself.
Meanwhile her husband carried her and lifted her wherever they went. May it be restaurants or movies (yes the disease didnt stop her from enjoying life.)
After a month she had regained herself, her confidence and no one could ever tell she had any problem a month before.
Today that girl is writing her story, to tell the world hoe lucky she is to have a husband like him, who has seen her in her worst yet couldn’t love her more and that she couldn’t ask anything more from life.

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