“I’ll be late mom” Aliyah said and rushed out of the house.

She was a software analyst in a multinational company. It wasa weekend and she was going out to watch a long awaited  movie with friends. She had a perfect fairy tale life. A loving mom who understood her better than she did herself, a high profile job, best of friends and a boyfriend who couldn’t love her more.

Her mom, Sanaya wasn’t feeling good and wanted her daughter to stay by her side. But she also knew after a long hectic week, what a weekend meant to Aliyah. She just smiled and closed the door behind her. Her daughter was her world.She made sure Aliyah lived in the brighter side of life. If at all another side existed she wasn’t aware of.

But it is said life is never the same and destiny has a big role in it.

After a lovely evening, when Aliyah reached home she found her mom unconscious  on the floor. Her body had become cold and she looked pale. As if all the blood had been drawn out of her body. Her mind stopped working, tears startedrolling down her eyes. She sat there and started shaking her mom, trying to bring her to consciousness. She checked her breath, she was breathing heavily. Aliyah immediately called the ambulance and took her mom to the hospital.

A Dr.jason recognised Sanaya as they entered the OPD and took her to a private ward. Aliyah had to wait outside. She was totally confused. How did the doc know her mother?After 20 minutes when he came out and talked to her, she couldn’t believe what she heard. She felt a stab of pain in her chest. Aliyah? the doctor called out but she wasn’t listening anymore. She sat down on the floor and curled herself up.Cancer? In its last stage? And “you better stay with her all thetime, she doesn’t have much time left”. What the hell did that mean? Now everything was falling into place. Her mom’s sudden interest in going out with collegues. Her night outs.Her going for shopping on weekdays but coming empty handed. This was where she visited all these times.

There she was watching movie enjoying her weekend where her mom was fighting death!! Alone!

The moment she started believing her life was in her hands destiny took a roll. Never in her life had Aliyah thought she will have to go through a thing like this. Her mom wasn’t in her best of health these days but cancer!! It was just too much to take. She lied there on the floor like that for another half an hour, when a nurse came n said she could see her mother now.

A month had passed by since then but it felt like a lifetime. All these memories flashed by her mind as she threw a handful of sand on her mother’s grave. She was not crying but had a distant look. Her mom used to say, “Every little thing that happens in your life is written up there. And no matter what you do how hard you try you cannot avoid it.” So true she was. Aliyah had done all she could and more for her mother’s treatment yet there she was looking at her mother’s grave remembering her words.

She felt cheated. If at all this was true is it really worth trying? If destiny is written already, should we just sit back? May be she couldn’t alter her mom’s fate but she was satisfied she did her best. She went home feeling calm coz she knew, her mom was somewhere watching her and feeling proud that her daughter didn’t give up on her. She turned off the lights and went to sleep with a face that neither conveyed happiness nor despair.


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